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MUT'n'CUT (beta testing)

Identifies Unique Restriction Enzyme Sites Generated by Single Nucleotide Mutation.

How to use this program

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How To Use This Program
The purpose of MUT'n'CUT is to define the location of nucleotide changes which would generate unique restriction enzyme recognition sites in a user-defined sequence. Furthermore, the program determines the effects the nucleotide mutation would have if it were to occur within an open reading frame (ORF). This permits the researcher to eliminate or minimize deleterious effects on the gene product, and hence in the organism.

The entire sequence is first analyzed to determine which enzyme recognitions sites are present. These enzymes are excluded from further analysis. The reading frame is derived from the value entered in the field ORF start. FROM and TO define the region searched for mutation sites.

At this time MUT'n'CUT does not consider mutations resulting from changes to more than one nucleotide.

This program is presented here for beta testing

created: 22/10/00
last modified 8/11/00
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